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I didn’t hear no bell!

by admin

A couple of very tough, good pool play games, and you girls never gave up! 3-0 against some very good competition.
You play every pitch, every out, every inning, every game!

We took some lumps, and we got up and kept fighting, like Rocky…er V!

Great job, bring it again tomorrow!

I didn't hear no bell!

Photo of the Day – July 10, 2015

by admin

This is from coach’s talk after the game tonight. Can you tell if these girls won or lost?
These girls are fabulous and conduct themselves in utmost professional manner. Back to work today, bring that FOCUS!

Your character revealed

Accept the challenges!

by admin

Accept the challenges girls! Improve or fall behind, there is no room for standing pat.

Accept the challenges!

Moving forward!

by admin

We are moving forward girls. Let’s get back to work and show what we are made of.

Today is a day to thank the many soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for us today. God bless.


Hold the Rope!

by admin

Adirondack Xtreme 12U had a recent team building experience, learning to push themselves, work together and encourage their teammates.

It’s achievable!

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It all comes down to how much you are willing to do to get where you want to go. It’s achievable. Keep working girls!

How much are you will to do?